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    Barista World Cup 2018 Amsterdam

    As Expected 60 champions from around the globe will meet in Amsterdam this summer for four days of fierce coffee competition at the 2018 world barista championship from 20-23 June 2018 at RAI center.its a coincidence that the World Cup will be host in Europe...

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    101 coffee brewing methods

    Best brew method selection of the coffee will enhance and improve your coffee Experience from Action to conversion start that brew recipe today.This ebook introduces Brewing methods to the expanding coffee community from Africa,Middle East and beyond feel free to request out Arabic version of...

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    The Future of Small holder Coffee Sustainability in Uganda

    Green leaf in our logo represents the future of small holder coffee sustainability Sustainability of the coffee sector The coffee sector is one of sensitivity and interconnectedness because of its far reaching impacts on both humankind and biodiversity. Its sustainability therefore takes into consideration all the...

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    Coffee Terroir Tour in Uganda

    Uganda is strategically located in the coffee belt and Eastern Africa which is characterized by Nitisols soils ,The rich Volcanics found along mountain Elgon region where we source our coffees and work directly with the Community farmers.The quality according to the soil and altitude complexity...

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