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    Barista World Cup 2018 Amsterdam

    Barista World Cup 2018 Amsterdam

    As Expected 60 champions from around the globe will meet in Amsterdam this summer for four days of fierce coffee competition at the 2018 world barista championship from 20-23 June 2018 at RAI center.its a coincidence that the World Cup will be host in Europe also but this time around in Russia and Desuzacoffees we shall shift our focus from supporting African National football teams to three African National Barista champions representatives

    Winston Thomas from South Africa

    Tony Gitonga from Kenya

    Ochen simon Eidodo from Uganda

    Review of the African Barista at the WBC 2018 from June 20-June 23

    1 ,Winston Thomas

    (Independent) Team Brew

    Day 1 presentation time 9:15 am (7:15 am GMT)

    2,Tony Gitonga

    (Sankara Nairobi) Team Espresso

    Day 1 presentation time 10:47 am (8:47am GMT)

    3,Ochen Simon Eidodo

    (Ucda) Team Tamper

    Day 2 presentation time 11:11am(9:11am GMT)

    Competitors in the WBC prepare 4 espresso,4 milk drinks and 4 original signature drinks to extracting standards in 15 minutes while progressing through the main championship,competitors simultaneously participate in the WBC teams competition,rewarding group support and collaboration.

    Martin Shabaya from Kenya last Year became the first African National barista champion to qualify for WBC semifinals under the wild card format.Martin shabaya showcased true craftsmanship and potential from Africa and this is evident in the superior quality specialty coffee beans from African producing countries since its the birthplace of coffee in the world.

    Memory Lane

    It’s been two years since a Ugandan National barista champion stepped on WBC stage .it was Agaba Dennis from Kampala Serena Hotel in Dublin 2018 with the dedicated support from (UCDA )Uganda coffee Development Authority and coach Fidel Bakomesa with the guidance of Edmond Kananura Ucda Quality Control Manager and Mr chege Anthony General Manager Serena Hotel Kampala,Uganda was well represented and and this truly signifies the potential ,Talent and amazing African coffees showcased by African Barista’s on the world stage.

    Ochen simon Eidodo will represent Uganda as the national barista champion 2017 and he recently emerged as the 1st runners up in the African Barista challenge 2018,He is a passionate and dedicated barista and therefore Desuzacoffees’ we wish him the best of luck as the Uganda Specialty Ambassdor in WBC2018 Amsterdam .

    Kenya will be represented by Tony Gitonga from Sankara Nairobi .Tony has lived through the ranks of seasonal Kenyan national barista competitors and Africa is proud and graceful for his talent .it was evident when he went head to head with 3 time Kenyan national barista martin Shabaya who would later on become the first African barista champion to qualify for WBC 2017 semifinals in Seoul Korea

    Winston Thomas is a 2 time South African national barista champion.winston is a seasonal barista champion and Latte art champion from South Africa 2015,who has acquired experience and yet talent ,therefore Africa is once again blessed to have a passionate barista to represent South Africa in Amsterdam 2018.

    Craig charity in 2015 almost made it to the semifinals of WBC after he was placed 16th and later shabaya from Kenya would go on to make it the semifinals of wbc2017.Desuzacoffees media will highlight all the latest information and rankings about our African barista ambassadors in Amsterdam WBC 2018 and don’t forget to support the African teams in the FIFA Russia World Cup 2018 as well

    Between competitors,there is chance to sample international specialty Roaster at the WBC espresso bar and filter options at the Brew Bar.

    WBC championship will be streamed live therefore you will still enjoy the two world events in coffee and football at the Comfort of your house ,Visit our or our Instagram page (DesuzaCoffees)for updates on African barista competitors and Amazing updates on single origin coffees from Uganda.

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